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Amazing Half Court Shot To Win The Game! Oh, My!

Good morning, Sports fans!  Davey Mac here with an action-packed Sports Report for ya!  We have a lot going on in the NBA...a big night for the Devils...MLB Spring Training is in full swing...and an update on the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting...but first... ...Good, Lord...did you see this?  Max Strus of the Cleveland Cavaliers hit a game-winning shot last night from half-court to defeat the Dallas Mavericks...and it was amazing!  Check out the video below! https://x.com/BleacherReport/status/1762664271245123906?s=20 Holy Cow!  I mean...that's a SERIOUS buzzer-beater!  It's good to hit the game-winning shot from anywhere on the court...but to nail it from almost 50 feet away...incredible! https://x.com/cavs/status/1762664707012338005?s=20 Meanwhile...check out the two radio calls from both the Cavs and Mavs announcing teams.  Pure joy with the first clip from Cleveland.  And pure heartbreak with the sound bite from Dallas. https://x.com/awfulannouncing/status/1762680012371583432?s=20 What a shot.  Max Strus has just made a name for himself.  We're gonna be watching Strus' career going forward...because this shot was unbelievable.  Anyone know if he's available to sign with the Knicks? https://x.com/cavs/status/1762664054366101560?s=20   Anyway, congrats to Strus on the improbable but amazing shot.  Great stuff.  I'm Davey Mac...now on to the rest of the Sports Report, guys!  BOOM! [caption id="attachment_976142" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] CLEVELAND, OHIO - FEBRUARY 27: Donovan Mitchell #45 and Isaac Okoro #35 celebrate with Max Strus #1 of the Cleveland Cavaliers after Strus made a half-court buzzer-beater shot to defeat the Dallas Mavericks at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on February 27, 2024 in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cavaliers defeated the Mavericks 121-119.[/caption]  

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