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Sir Winston Churchill's 88th birthday cake, decorated with the words 'We Have Now at Once to Promote the Cause of United Europe', November 1962. It was made by Madame Maria Floris and decorated with 106 red roses.

Happy Birthday to you!  Yes, YOU!  Happy Birthday!  Davey Mac here and to get in the festive mood for this very special occasion, I’ve decided to make a list in your honor!

The Top Birthday Scenes From The Movies

Now, plenty of films featured birthday parties…but we’re narrowing it down to six scenes that were iconic to the overall story.  You’ve got some magic, some gangsters, some toys, and more…all designed to give you maximum birthday entertainment.

From Bilbo Baggins’ 111th birthday party to the Corleone Family waiting to surprise Vito for his 50th birthday party, we look at some legendary birthdays that may (or may not) have gone well.  There’s some drama, some comedy, and plenty of fun.

So grab some cake and a drink, get ready to blow out the candles, don’t forget to make a wish, and let’s get to partying with these classic moments from the cinema!  Davey Mac’s Top 6 Birthday Scenes From The Movies starts right now!  And happy birthday to ya!  I hope you have a wonderful day!


  • 6.) Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring

    Let’s get right to the fun as Bilbo Baggins is celebrating his 111th birthday in the Shire.  Of course, we now know that Bilbo made it to such an old age and looked so good because he had the Ring Of Power in his possession…which gave him unnatural long life.

  • 5.) The Jerk

    Insane movie with Steve Martin as a simpleton who is easily impressed.

  • 4.) Falling Down

    Michael Douglas is having a really bad day.  All he wanted to do was go to his daughter’s birthday party.  Damn, Robert Duvall.

  • 3,) Toy Story

    The Toy Story universe all started with one simple story: Andy was celebrating his birthday and received a new toy.  And from there…we got a classic movie franchise with unforgettable characters.

  • 2.) Harry Potter

    Hagrid visit Harry for his 11th birthday…changing Mr. Potter’s life forever.

  • 1.) The Godfather Part II

    This legendary film ends with a flashback to better times…as the Corleones and company get ready to surprise Vito Corleone for his 50th birthday.  Marlon Brando isn’t even in the scene yet his presence is still felt.  Instead, you get a great scene between Michael, Sonny, Fredo, and Tom when Michael informs them that he has enlisted in the army.  Amazing scene.

  • Happy Birthday To You!

    Have a very special birthday from Davey Mac and 95.9 The Rat!

    Philadelphia Flower Show Celebrates 175th Anniversary

    PHILADELPHIA – MARCH 6: Patrons pass by the birthday cake display at the Philadelphia Flower Show March 6, 2004 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The flower show, held each year by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, is celebrating its 175th anniversary. This year’s theme is Destination Paradise and features views of paradise from a variety of perspectives. The show runs through March 13, 2004.

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