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Waitress Fired After Posting Video Of Man Dining With A Blow Up Doll

This No Sweat News story sounds awfully familiar. Once upon a time there was a guy who was really new to working on air at a radio station. A listener called in one day and said that this guy should take a blow up doll out to dinner. And, so. He did. A video was released of him dining with a blow up doll. Which you can see below. But first, here's what happened on TikTok recently. It all happened recently in North Carolina. A woman who is only ID'd as "Tara" was working at what she calls an, "upscale restaurant" when she noticed that a man was dining with a date at a quiet table for two. A couple out on a nice dinner on a holiday weekend? What's so special about that? It happens every day, right? Well, not really. Because this guy wasn't treating an actual human female to a romantic dinner out at the "upscale restaurant". The gentleman was sitting across from a blow up doll. A sex blow up doll. Don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about... It's the inflatable doll with the surprised look on her face. That's right: He was dining with a blow up doll. Here's the waitress' video: Shockingly, Tara lost her job because recording video and posting it on social media breaks the restaurant policy for employee conduct. Tara told the local newspaper that she really didn't care about being fired for posting video of a guy dining with a blow up doll because... well.. it's freaking hilarious and she was planning on quitting soon anyway. But What About The Guy Dining With A Blow Up Doll? Glad you asked because it seems like he's not just some freaky deaky fellow out to dine with his date. It's possible it was just a hoax-type activity intended to get some likes on his own social media account. It's also possible that it was pay back for losing his fantasy football league... Why? Because he posted THIS: What About That Radio Guy And His Blow Up Doll? Well, as I mentioned earlier, a certain radio guy on THIS VERY radio station once took his own blow up doll out to dinner at a local upscale restaurant. We go back to the very early days of the radio life of a kid named, "Gotts" to reflect back on that time when Gotts enjoyed dining with a blow up doll of his very own. Hope you enjoyed that look back at the beginnings of the man, the myth the... something or other... known as Gotts. He recently checked out the pre-opening of the new space for a local iconic brewery. Check out the pics below.

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