The Pit

A Head Shop Clerk Uses a Bong to Fight Off Robbers

Security cam from a marijuana dispensary in Canada filmed three thieves entering a store and attacking a clerk with bear spray.  But the dude behind the counter grabs a glass bong and comes out swinging until they give up and leave.  The Action starts at 54 seconds into the footage.  

A Meth Head Falls Through A Restaurant Ceiling

A woman high on meth fell through the ceiling of a restaurant in California on Sunday.   She went in to use the restroom, and then somehow made her way into a crawlspace in the ceiling. The other customers in the restaurant knew she was up there, which is why they started recording. Shockingly she wasn't badly hurt.  …

Big Guy Gets Knocked Down by A Guy Half His Size

Somebody in Santa Ana, California took cell phone video of a very large guy in a parking lot loading up his car with stuff he just stole from a grocery store. Employees are trying to stop him, but he's yelling and threatening them.  Then some random guy comes up and takes him out with one punch.…