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MLB Players Complain About New Transparent Pants

Good morning, Sports fans!  Davey Mac here with the final Sports Report of the week!  Baseball (Spring Training) is back!  The NBA regular season resumes!  Devils Vs. Rangers!  And a crazy Johnny Manziel story!  But first..Baseball Pants! According to an article on ESPN, Major League Baseball players are a little pissed off about these new transparent pants that were created by Nike and Fanatics.  Most of the players seem to think that they're too see-through. Former Major Leaguer Tony Clark (the current executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association) stated: "It's disappointing that we've landed in a place where the uniforms are the topic of discussion...A lot of the rhetoric is confirmation that the pants are see-through," Clark said. "It's been an ongoing conversation where each day has yielded something new that doesn't seem to make as much sense as you would like it." So we'll take a look to see what all the fuss is about.  In all honesty, some may consider these images Not Safe For Work...so you've been warned!  See the new uniform pants below! https://x.com/ClayTravis/status/1760847085891436959?s=20 https://x.com/DreKnott/status/1760699541802860666?s=20 https://x.com/HenrySantoro/status/1761003219470233648?s=20   Um...yeah...I think I see the players' point.  Honestly, it looks like they're all wearing diapers.  I mean...I'm sure that the pants are light...but my God, man...were they made by Madonna?  Honestly, I think Major League Baseball is gonna have to blur out certain areas of the pants!  Good Lord! [caption id="attachment_974588" align="aligncenter" width="594"] ROME - SEPTEMBER 06: Madonna performs at during her "Sticky and Sweet" world tour at Olympic Stadium on September 6, 2008 in Rome, Italy.[/caption]   Of course...the Internet had jokes to say about these poorly-designed uniform.  Check out a few funny comments below... https://x.com/nut_history/status/1760872270531068102?s=20 https://x.com/MegzMurr/status/1760804047005602154?s=20 https://x.com/RealAdamTaylor/status/1760169198188404786?s=20   Well...regardless of this bizarre pants controversy...it's a good time to remind you that Spring Training is officially here...and that means baseball is right around the corner!  Yes!  I'm Davey Mac...now on to the rest of the Report!

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