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Here’s How To Get $25 Flights From Amazon To Fly College Kids Home For The Holidays

Great news for parents of college kids on today's No Sweat News.  Amazon is selling $25 plane tickets to fly your college kids home for the holidays.  That's incredible!  But of course, it comes with some snags and hoops to jump through.  Here's what's up. First off, there's a limited number of flights available and most of them have already been snapped up.  Second, they go on sale in the tiny hours of the overnight (not sure why Amazon owner Jeff Bezos wants to interrupt your sleep, but here we are.) The special deal on $25 flights began yesterday, Tuesday, December 5th.  It continued early this morning and will continue early tomorrow morning.  So, get ready for round three. First off, your student has to be a member of Amazon "Prime Student" to get in on the deal.  So, that's hoop number one to jump through. The second hoop to jump through is that the opportunity goes online at 3 am, eastern time.  Looks like you're waking up early tomorrow morning. The third thing to know is that it looks like only 1000 tickets are available each day for a total of 3000 twenty-five dollar airline tickets. Another thing to know is that there's a catch.  There's always a catch, right?  Our benevolent dictator Jeff Bezos wouldn't just make all flights the cost of a gift box of Smirnoff Vanilla that you plunk under the office Christmas tree for the white elephant gift exchange.  The catch is that there's a $500 limit.  If the ticket would normally cost more than that, you pay $25 plus any amount over $500.  So that's still a $475 savings. So if the flight is less than $500, you can get $25 plane tickets to fly your college kids home for the holidays.  Looks like you might be waking up early tomorrow, Thursday, December 7th.  Pencil in a nap tomorrow afternoon and you might save a few bucks. [select-listicle listicle_id="949958" syndication_name="deck-the-shores-holiday-shopping-on-long-beach-island" description="yes"]

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