Carl Craft

Carl Craft

Carl Craft

Gavin Rossdale of Bush performs with his band at Irving Plaza in New York City on September 22, 2023.

It’s been a thrilling and exciting week on the No Sweat News here on the Morning Rat Race. We’ve heard stories of incredible stupidity, new product testing, touristy crap and even a tale or two that you might thing were made up. But that’s the wonderful thing about the No Sweat News, heard at 7:20 weekday mornings on The Morning Rat Race: Everything is true.

But on the No Sweat News Quiz, one story is made up. That’s right. One of the stories below is totally fabricated; plucked from the thin air that exists in between the brain cells that are still left to do their thing in my cranium. There’s four stories below. Three of them were heard on the No Sweat News earlier this week. And one is made up. If our random caller spots the story that’s made up, they’ll be a winner of an amazing prize.

The prize for today’s No Sweat News Quiz is a pair of concert tickets for a special concert that Gavin Rossdale and Bush are doing at a small club in New York City. Bush are playing at Irving Plaza in New York, just off Union Square. The concert is being held on International Peace Day, September 22nd. The concert is a benefit for “Artists for Action” and their current focus on working towards ending gun violence.

About Artists for Action:  “We are a coalition of artists, musicians, actors, directors, comedians, athletes, and influencers acting toward eliminating the epidemic of gun violence. Artist For Action To Prevent Gun Violence is a non-political movement that has come together as one to help prevent future tragedies.”

So, as you can see, it’s a pretty serious concert subject for today’s somewhat jovial and frivolous No Sweat News Quiz.  Either way, good luck!  The contest is on the air at 7:15, or so, on Friday mornings.

  • It's Pennsylvania for story number one.

    Someone robbed Alan Phelan’s apartment the other day so Alan did what you’d do. He called the cops to investigate. Only thing is that Alan does something you don’t do for a living: he’s a drug dealer. When police arrived to look at the crime scene, they found a bunch of his scales, drugs, baggies and vials. Alan was arrested. Moral of the story? So really, they could investigate TWO crime scenes at one address.

    That’s story number one, now known as: Hide all my drugs before calling the cops? OK, great. Got it.

    Burapa Bike Week 2019

    Drug stuff was found all over his place.

  • Off to Connecticut for story number 2,

    Bob Withington got busted for bank robbery because he walked off with a bag of money that someone had dropped on the sidewalk outside the local bank.  The bag was just sitting there on the sidewalk when he walked by.  He picked it up.  Cops charged him with bank robbing because there were documents inside which said who the money belonged to.  Moral of the story?  Finders keepers applies here.
    That’s story number two, now known as:  What other childhood rules can I use as this man’s lawyer.  Does the, “I’m rubber / you’re glue” defense make sense?  What about, “step on the crack break your momma’s back”?

    Man walking in bank.

  • Our third story for today's No Sweat News Quiz takes us to your bathroom.  

    It’s almost pumpkin spice season in America and the Dude Wipes brand has announced that on Tuesday they will begin to sell pumpkin spice butt wipes.  These bathroom personal hygiene wipes feature the delicious smells of clove, nutmeg and other fall scents.  Moral of the story?  How many no no’s, would a no-no no.  If a no-no could no no?
    That’s story number 3, now known as:  Well I never thought this would happen:  I think I actually found a reason to actually not clean myself.
    It's a pumpkin!
  • What about our 4th and final story for today's No Sweat News Quiz? 

    That drops you into the Adults Only section of the Turkish-Dutch airline called Corendon Airlines who announced they’re replacing 1st class with an “adults only” section on flights from Turkey to Amsterdam.  The section will be blocked from view of other passengers and feature free alcohol, adult movies on seat back screens and some of Amsterdam’s legal prostitutes available for hire.  Moral of the story?  That’s how you put no class into first class.  
    Story number 4, now known as:  If 1st class is rockin’, don’t come knockin.
    Amsterdam's Red Light District Reopens After Coronavirus Lockdown

    The red light district in the sky.

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