Carl Craft

Carl Craft

Carl Craft

Clearly, mankind has been dreaming of a flying device with wheels. Here's what the famous artist and engineer DaVinci planned way back in the day.

To review: The FAA gave it’s thumbs up to a flying car that looks promising for taking our daily commute to the skies!

Here’s what that might look like!

  • The Sizzle Reel

    Anytime this kind of thing is announced, the company already has a sizzle reel where everything looks all new and shiny.  Here it is.  We don’t get much beyond a cool video with upclose video shots but it’s still pretty cool to see.

    Scroll down for more, including artist rendering of what this could look like in daily life.

  • On The Ground

    Here’s what the flying car could look like while driving around on the ground on a country road.  Kinda spacey and futuristic but still clearly a car; just with weird covers on the tires.  Are the tires covered because of aerodynamics?  Or is that part of the lift off system?

  • Here's What The Flying Car Might Look Like In Traffic

    Here’s where the rubber hits the road… if you don’t mind me using a totally outdated saying, considering this topic of flying cars.

    The question is:  How would this actually work in practice?  Like, say you’re stuck in traffic in one of these things.  You press the helicopter lift off and up and away you go.  Are there traffic rules?  Are there stop signs hovering hundreds of feet in the air?  What’s to stop this becoming a massive mid-air free for all where everyone is zooming around in every direction?

    Doesn’t that sound crazy dangerous?  I see road rage on the Jersey roads on a daily basis?  You gonna tell me a coupla mooks from Bergen county aren’t gonna fly down to “da shorr”, get in some kind of mid-air toast up and not come crashing down on me in my Jeep Wrangler with the top down and stereo blasting?  Yeah.  My hopes aren’t flying too high.

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