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ATLANTA - JANUARY 29: A highway informational sign advises motorists to the dangerous driving conditions along Interstate 75-85 January 29, 2005 in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Metro Atlanta and north Georgia awoke to treacherous roads, canceled activities and flights. At least three traffic deaths have been attributed to the icy conditions. (Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images)

Well Rat Rockers let’s be extra careful and be ready for Friday’s weather and commute. It looks like some snow, ice, rain and heavy strong winds will be hitting out forecast and out area. Yes a winter storm could be messing with us as we get ready for the weekend.

The wind could be getting up to 40 miles per hour, and this storm could follow us in to early Saturday. This storm will be bringing along up to 3 inches of snow in north west counties of New Jersey, and heavy rain mixed in. Some heavy wind gust could hit up to 45 miles per hour and coastal flooding could happen along the Jersey Shore, according the the latest forecast.

If you heading up north for the weekend some experts are saying Sussex County and passaic County will be seeing the highest snowfall with it gathering and 1 inch to 3 inches of snow. Although it does not seem like a lot of snow, all of New Jersey will be getting a taste of this storm with mostly the heavy rain and as well as the heavy winds.

A lot of weather that Iv been watching some of the weather experts are saying we could even get some thunder storm’s as well. It turns out a lot of this storm will be mostly rain it’s no reason we should not be prepared. As of now it looks like most of the heavy rain will be dropping on us Friday night. There is a red flag up in some parts that might see a lot more water on the roads do to the fact of low lying and poor drainage areas.

Most of this intensity of the storm will depend on the track of it, and the timing of it. Here at the Rat we will keep you up to speed and thank you for always reading and Rocking out with 95.9 The Rat- Gotts

GALLERY: New Jersey Winter Storm - January 7, 2022