Check This Out…

Check This Out…

Check This Out…

Well, it’s summertime and we are out and about and some of us are looking for the special someone in our life. Well, what does Dating in New Jersey look like?

It’s not all about playing Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Jersey Girl’ song, but knowing that we here in Jersey will be showing you a great time while on a date. With all the nightlife, bars, restaurants, amazing shows, and fun activities, Jersey does have a lot to offer plus Atlantic City is never too far.

I think dating someone from New Jersey, is a win-win, on so many levels. You have everything you need right at your fingertips, and everything is just about an hour away. Just the other day I was at a beach party in Point Pleasant and had a smile from ear to ear. Got to go to Jenks, and Martells and then even made my way to Belmar to catch a show and a bunch of beers. That was just my Friday afternoon and night.

The dating scene is never easy, but I know many people who have found love especially here at the Jersey Shore. When you date someone from New Jersey, you should know that we have certain standards (well for some) and what you should expect. Feel free to add to this list that you see fit.

Below is a list of 6 things people should know about dating a person in New Jersey. For some locals, this might be common knowledge. To help out with the list, I’ve also attached 16 Sweet Dating Tips from Njmonthly.


  • 1. A New Jersey Person Will Take You Down The Shore

    Dating someone from Jersey, they have to take you to the shore, it is one of the best places to be in our state. Tons of stuff going on here, and stay the night because you might be having a bit of too much fun.

  • 2. New Jerseyans Have The Best Sense of Humor

    This one is very true, and I have noticed we love making people laugh, and if personality is on your checklist you will have no issues on getting a great, funny person here.

  • 3. Life With A New Jerseyan Will Be Filled With Thrills

    You can bet on us going to the limit on having fun that’s for sure. Looking for a spot that will get you as much thrills than ever before, just know we have Six Flags Great Adventure right in Jackson New Jersey.

  • 4. We Can Surprise You With Pork Roll, Egg, and Cheese

    Now if you’re from North Jersey, you might be calling this Taylor Ham, but for most of us, we say Pork Roll. I guess it will be up to the person you date and where they are from in Jersey. The sandwich is perfect nonetheless and has helped me out on a bunch of hangovers.

  • 5. New Jerseyans Are Calm, Cool, And Collected

    Of course we are, we have to drive on the Garden State Parkway !

  • 6. A New Jersey Lover Will Spoil You

    It’s true, when you date someone from here, we always try to help out and take care of one another, especially if you are dating. New Jersey does have a lot of love out there.

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