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Asbury Park Awarded $20 Million For Boardwalk Funds

Hey, Rat Rockers this sounds awesome for the city of Asbury Park. They were just awarded $20 million, for the Boardwalk Preservation Fund. Governor Murphy came out the other day, letting New Jersey know the good news.  $100 million was issued throughout the state, for the boardwalk funds along the shore. This huge chunk of money comes from the federal funding from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Coronavirus State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds. Asbury Park And $20 Million Boardwalk Funds: This grant will help out in a big way for sure. As we all know, those who live down this way, get a ton of tourist, and their families. Asbury Park is a huge destination for people, to take pictures and walk the boardwalk.  People from all over are coming by the legendary Stone Pony to see where Bruce Springsteen started. I hope they use a lot of it to work on and tune up Convention Hall. A lot of the money will be used for boardwalk maintenance and construction., even replacement of deteriorating pilings, ramps, and railings. ALSO SEE: The Stone Pony Celebrates 50 Years [caption id="attachment_976166" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] Gotts Being Gotts At A Show In Front Of Convention Hall[/caption] Gotts' Experience In Asbury Park If you have been to Asbury you know you have a story to tell. From all the bars to catching all the amazing shows. One of my first concerts working with 95.9 The Rat, was right there at Convention Hall. Moreover, many bands have rolled in their way before my time such as Led Zepplin to Ozzy, and even The Doors. Furthermore, let's not forget all the shows at The Stone Pony or The Wonder Bar. Just going down Cookman Ave and hitting the amazing bars, even on the weekends. Let's not forget the Zombie Walk, where they once set a World Record. How can I forget my polar plunges right out front of Convention Hall?  Make sure to check out the Asbury St Pats Parade, which is coming up on Sunday, March 10th. So in conclusion Congrats to Asbury On Your Raise. Thank you for checking this story out, and get more by clicking right HERE. Big shout to you Rat Rock Nation for always rocking out with me and 95.9 The Rat.- Much love and cheers.- Gotts [select-gallery gallery_id="871430" syndication_name="gallery-asbury-park-st-patricks-day-parade" description="yes"]          

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