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Gotts And You Raised $167,387 For Ocean Of Love Billboard Radiothon

Well Rat Rock Nation we did it and set a new goal. Here at the Rat we put the call out to get the job done and you stepped up and put those work boots on and got the job done. I wanted to write a story and tell you my experience of being and living up on the billboard and also wanted to say thank you so much for coming out and donating down in Toms River at 1331 Hooper Ave for the kids and families who are battling cancer. [caption id="attachment_927484" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Gotts Living On Top Of The Billboard For Ocean Of Love[/caption] This year living up there is my 3rd year and doing this and every year it gets a little different for the "Ocean Of Love Billboard." It was not a easy living to be up there, but let's just think having a child that has cancer can never be easy and losing sleep and not even sleeping at all was only half of the battle. That was just the beginning  of my first night and lasted throughout my 4 days of being up there.  I thought long and hard about that and my lack of sleep does not even compare to what these families'  and kids are going through. [caption id="attachment_831192" align="alignnone" width="1008"] Gotts Is Getting Ready To Go Up[/caption] So sad to say this but I saw a couple of new faces that are now part of the "Ocean Of Love" family and are battling this horrible disease, and unfortunately it is something we have to deal with in our life and this year Im happy to say our sponsors are getting bigger and I love them for that also keep the word going for this great cause to make it bigger every year for the kids. This is why we go up and raise up for our family, friends, and our community.  Theresa and  "Ocean Of Love" does should a wonderful job on getting families' that are going through this and helping out with your donations and does emotional support. There was a young girl who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor that I met and had her hair gone from the treatment and even had a hose out of her nostril but still found the energy to run around and was just being a kid on family night on Wednesday night. She was petting animals, saw Santa, got to meet other kids and had a blast and just getting her out of the hospital to live life is truly a gift in my eyes. [caption id="attachment_831288" align="alignnone" width="1008"] Gotts And Silverton Fire Company For Ocean Of Love[/caption] "Ocean Of Love" helps out by taking care of the kids by getting them gas in their cars for treatment, or even getting their cell phone bill paid and electric bill paid, things of that nature. This could only happen with your help and we had a goal set and broke it. So right now I'm saying a huge THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU RAT ROCKERS !! Also thank you for taking the time out for reading this and check out more of my stories by clicking right HERE. Your boy Gotts 95.9 The Rat.   [select-gallery gallery_id="927769" syndication_name="gallery-best-moments-of-ocean-of-love-95-9-wrats-billboard-radiothon-2023" description="yes"]    

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