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New Jersey Has The Most Luxury Cars On The Road

Well Rat Rockers, New Jersey came in the lead with the most luxury cars in the country.  I know a lot of us can't afford to put gas in our cars, or even get food on the table.  Yet some of us here in the Garden State are driving around in luxury cars that have the price tag of a house. This report comes from, you can get more information by clicking right HERE. [caption id="attachment_972044" align="aligncenter" width="612"] New Jersey Has The Most Luxury Cars[/caption] When we say luxury what are we really talking about? You know all the bells and whistles, including the enhanced driving performances and amazing technology. Some of these cars pretty much drive themselves for crying out loud. From the Teslas to the Cadillacs, to The Benz, BMW's so on and so forth, we got them on our roads the most.  According to the report, luxury cars make up for 19.2% of the sales in the country.  In Jersey, we come in at 30.6% with the luxury cars that are shared. Why Gotts Will Never Own A Luxury Car Here In New Jersey: This is an easy one to answer,  I WORK IN RADIO. Not saying having a luxury car is bad, and they are very nice to be in one. One of the luxury cars I was in, gave me a back and neck massage. Even sitting in the back seat, where I can put my feet up, almost like a lazy boy. TV's in the back' and some had Playstations hooked up. It was not like that when my family was growing up. Between my 4 older brothers and myself, it would have been better just to put a boxing ring in our back seat. So what are your thoughts on Jersey coming in at number one for luxury cars? [caption id="attachment_972053" align="aligncenter" width="612"] New Jersey Has The Most Luxury Cars[/caption] So in conclusion, I want to thank you for checking this post our and as always rocking out with me and 95.9 The Rat. Get more stories from me and please share by clicking right HERE.  Much love and cheers- Gotts [select-gallery gallery_id="769020" syndication_name="gold-coast-cadillac-5-14" description="yes"]

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