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Woman Finds A Human Finger In Her Salad At An American Food Chain Restaurant

My husband and I try to eat out at least once a week. We don’t expect perfection at any of these places, but we do expect a good meal without incident. I’ve had a handful of incidents at eateries in my lifetime that didn’t go well. There’s the occasional wrong order delivered to our table. A dish that’s supposed to be piping hot delivered ice cold to our table. Those are minor compared to the incident that happened at a major American chain restaurant in New York state. Several decades ago, I once found a cigarette butt in a chicken salad sandwich from a local deli. I never returned to that deli again. Then several years after that, I found a live bug crawling around in my salad at a restaurant. I told the waiter, and he promptly removed the salad from the table and apologized profusely.  The restaurant took the salad off the bill and gave us free dessert and coffee hoping that we’ll return in the future. Beyond that, nothing major has sent me into a tailspin or provoked me to file a lawsuit. Earlier this week, a Connecticut woman filed a lawsuit against the Chopt restaurant chain after claiming her salad included part of a human finger, according to CBS News. Last time I checked, salad isn’t considered "finger food." The lawsuit asserts that a manager at Chopt’s Mount Kisco, New York location had accidentally cut off part of her finger while chopping up arugula, which was allegedly served to diners instead of being tossed in the garbage. Gross!! One of those diner's claims that she realized midway through her salad that she was "chewing on a portion of a human finger" - suffering shock, nausea, panic attacks, and other conditions as a result. Chopt operates over 70 locations in 10 states across the U.S.A. I think this may wind up being a legitimate claim if the woman who filed the lawsuit kept the evidence. An easy DNA test will prove who the partial finger belongs to.   Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and found anything in your food that wasn’t supposed to be part of the dish?   I’d love to hear your story. Email me at:  

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