Goooood morning, Rat Rock Nation!   Davey Mac of the Morning Rat Race here (also known as the “Sports Master”).   And the reason why I’m in such a fantastic mood is that my family and I had a great day at Yankee Stadium!

The Mac Foundation (as we like to call ourselves) was ready for some exciting baseball and that’s exactly what we got.   Aaron Judge slugged his 29th home run of the year…and Giancarlo Stanton added his 19th.   The Yankees ended up beating the A’s in a solid performance…5 to 3…making it the Yanks’ 4th win a row.   Incidentally, the Yankees are an MLB-best 56 and 20.

Anyway, my kids and I took all kinds of pictures and we had a great day.   But one pic really struck me.  Check this photo out and then let’s chat.

Davey Mac Family at Yankee Stadium

Davey Mac Family at Yankee Stadium

That’s my son Stanley, daughter Julianna, and myself on the second level of Yankee Stadium.   Near the escalators, there are a couple of statues of two Yankee legends.   Babe Ruth (on the left) and Mickey Mantle (on the right).   The reason why Mickey is wearing a crown is that he was a rare Triple Crown winner in 1956 (leading MLB in batting average, home runs, and RBIs).   But, I want to really look at Mickey.   Is that him?   Or is that JFK?!

JFK in Yankee Stadium?

JFK in Yankee Stadium?

I’m sorry!  But this is President John F. Kennedy!  That’s all I see! I mean, Mickey had very fair, blonde hair. And John F. Kennedy was more of a light brunette.  Also, Mickey had serious muscles…and that statue looks a little thin (sorta like JFK).  Check out the two pics below of Mickey and the President and then let’s chat some more!!

Dinner At The Harwyn Club

Dinning at the Harwyn Club, New York, New York, late 1950s. (L-R) Golfer Jimmy Demeret, baseball player Mickey Mantle, restaurant and bar owner Bernard Toots Shor, Harwyn Club owner and former baseball player Ed Wynne, and boxer Rocky Graziano.  (Getty Images)

John F Kennedy

John Fitzerald Kennedy, 35th American president.  (Getty Images)

So now that you’ve had time to review!   What do you think?!   Does that statue look more like Mickey or JFK?   And if it IS the President…does this mean the Yankees know who killed Kennedy?!   Take the poll!

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