What’s The Best Major Sporting Event Of The Year?

If you had to pick just one major sporting event to watch each year, what would it be? It's the Master's week in America, and this question above was inspired by hearing Mike Greenberg of ESPN say that the Masters is his favorite sporting event of all, and he would choose this golf tournament as the answer to the question. What's unique about the Masters or any similar golf tournament is that it's carried over the course of a few days. To stay consistent, you can make the same argument for the NBA Finals, NHL Stanley Cup, MLB World Series, or the U.S. Open in tennis. In the NFL however, the major events are just one single date. The same holds true for NCAA championship games. This obviously results in millions of viewers. The NFL has also done a great job making its major events a gigantic spectacle. For a few years now, the NFL draft has been held in a different American city rather than, for instance,  just Radio City Music Hall in New York. When you think about the opening question, it's important to weigh what's on the line. Obviously for most sports, it's a championship ring. For other events, the event helps set the stage for something in the future. Perhaps those who answer the Masters here simply enjoy the relaxation of the event. If you have a favorite player, that you root hard for, perhaps the stress is not removed then. Other x-factors to include here include what the overall experience entails for you. If the New York Giants are not in the Super Bowl, then much of what I think about for Super Sunday entails the food and party scene that will unfold at my house. For sports such as basketball, hockey, or baseball, where a championship is won via a series, very few things compare to the intensity of a championship game seven. But not every series goes that far. However, for my choice. I am going with a NFL event I know is going to happen. The NFL Draft Is My Favorite Major Sporting Event If I had to pick just one four-hour block to be dedicated to one major U.S. sporting event, it would be the first round of the NFL Draft. This year, it is being held in Detroit, and it is one of the most fascinating drafts in recent history. This is due to the incredible quarterback class and the need for a new guy in many franchises. Regardless, I always love watching a player get selected and the TV camera catching their emotional reaction as they realize their dreams just came true and their lives are changed forever. There's a mysterious component to the draft that heightens the wonder. What's so interesting about this question of picking one favorite sporting event is that you are not comparing apples to apples. Nonetheless, as a diehard fan, I consider this one of the most pivotal drafts in the Giants' franchise history. At pick number six, there is so much on the line regarding how the future will be shaped that the team's decision as to who to draft is incredibly important. As of now, there is no saying what the team will do. They may not even know yet, which makes the intrigue of this event that much more compelling. [select-listicle listicle_id="745196" syndication_name="4-predictions-2024-mlb-season" description="yes"]

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