Released April 19, 1971.

Hola, Rat Rock Nation!   East Side Dave here!   So, we were playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the Morning Rat Race today and (off-the-air) we got into a discussion of who is the best Los Angeles rock band.   There are MANY to choose from…and some great groups will be left out.   But that’s what lists are for…controversy!

So without further ado…behold…it’s East Side Dave’s Top 5 L.A. Rock Bands!   BAM!


5.) Rage Against The Machine

Not only does Rage have a tremendous album called The Battle of Los Angeles, but they’re a band with strong L.A. roots…and…oh yeah…they ROCK.




4.) Red Hot Chili Peppers

A quintessential L.A. band where one sees Flea and Anthony Kiedis can be seen at Laker games…the Chili Peppers have embraced Los Angeles as their home for years…and gave a nod to it in their classic song “City of Angels.”




3.) The Doors

You can’t be left off this list if you have an iconic album AND classic song called L.A. Woman.   Jim Morrison met bandmate Ray Manzarek at UCLA’s film school…who then introduced Morrison to Robby Krieger and John Densmore…and a legendary L.A. band was formed.




2.) Van Halen

Founded near L.A. in 1973, Van Halen not only was a gigantic Los Angeles band by the late ’70’s…but they inspired tons of bands (like Motley Crue) to pursue a career in the L.A. music scene.




1.) Guns N’ Roses

Come on…between their legendary gigs at the Rainbow Room or the Whiskey…G’N’R represents L.A. in all its decadent glory.   And Guns N’ Roses also may have written THE best song about Los Angeles with their iconic hit “Welcome To The Jungle”…which was about Axl Rose’s first arrival in L.A.




What do YOU think?   Who should be taken off the list?   And who should be added on?   Let us know on our Social Media! or!



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