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Des Rocs Performed Two Songs On Air

The Morning Rat Race had some fun the other day when the up-and-coming Des Rocs performed two songs on air. This young man has dreams of the big stage stardom and he's got the talent to pull it off. Have a listen to the two tracks he did on his acoustic for us below. Des Rocs is a song writer and guitar player from Long Island, New York. He burst on to the scene a few years ago when 95.9 The Rat and other rock stations picked up a track off his previous album. Back then Des Rocs had recently had the unique opportunity to open up for none other than the Rolling Stones at a 'Stones gig in Philadelphia. 60 Second Listen: Mick Jagger's Dad Was A School Teacher These days, Des is touring in support of his most recent album "Dream Machine". WRAT has been playing the song, "I Am The Lightning" from this project. The song has been getting attention from the Rat Rock Nation locally by way of requests and has been garnering national success as well. "Lightning" has reached the top ten on the "Active Rock" airplay charts. His "Dream Machine" tour was making a stop at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park that evening. The first words out of Des' mouth when he got on air on the Morning Rat Race were confident and triumphant. He promised a high energy and over the top entertaining night of rock-n-roll the likes of which hadn't been seen in town since 1974 (a clear reference to Bruce Springsteen's early career). Des Rocs performs at Asbury Lanes on Friday, May 3rd. Intrigued at his promise and his, "do or die" vibe, I went out to the Lanes that night to witness him for myself. I can honestly say that Des Rocs does not disappoint. He is a showman in the old sense of the word, calling back elements of Freddie Mercury and even Elvis. The Des Rocs live experience is a three piece band. Des Rocs on guitar and vocals. On bass and vocals is Eric Mendelsohn. On drums and vocals is William Tully. The three have been together for their entire existence. Des credits their touring manager, Nick Evans, as the fourth member of the band. After hanging with Des in the studio and seeing him at the Lanes later that evening, I gotta say: I think that Des Rocs and his band really do rock. I really like the songs and the over-the-top presentation. Their show is freaking great and I'm rooting for 'em to hit it bigtime. I'm a fan. Gonna follow 'em. Des Rocs "I Am The Lightning" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV0PCupFVFw Des Rocs "Never Ending Moment" https://youtu.be/pRsdHSml2t8 Now, I dunno if Des has a dog or a parakeet... Actually, I'd be surprised if he did have a parakeet... but keep scrolling for a cool bunch of pics of rock stars and their pets....

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