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Video: Des Rocks On Air Performance

We had the pleasure of meeting Des Rocks today.  The Rat's been spinning his single, "Never Ending Moment" for a few weeks now.  It sounds great on the air so when his manager told us he'd be in the area we said, "Tell him to stop by". Here's what we learned in our chat with Des... Part of the hook of the song came to him on the N train in New York City.  He wasn't sure if he was humming an original song to himself or not so he texted his pal Matt Pinfield (formerly of WHTG, MTV and all around music guru) to ask if Matt had heard it before.  LOL.  Matt hadn't heard the riff and Des continued to write the song. Des likes the "big" sound of rock-n-roll and always imagines a giant stage and big stage show when he's live.  One of his main influences is Queen. When he opened for the Rolling Stones in Philly, he took the bus back to New York City (where he lives) and sat back near the bus' bathroom.  From being in front of 80,000 people to sitting near the shitter in a matter of hours. This on air performance was literally the first time he ever played this song on acoustic.  First ever. Have a listen to the track he played on air, it's pretty cool.   [select-listicle listicle_id="853640" syndication_name="albums-that-turn-40-in-2023" description="no"]  

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