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Lighting Up Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck on Thursday 10/27!

Taylor Tote continues to provide a powerful Pop presence on the local scene.  Her songs are beautifully polished but don’t let the shiny surface fool you.  For all her Pop sensibilities, Tote’s music is relatable and much more down-to-earth than one may expect.  That quality is present on her single “I Like U But” and it’s accompanying music video.   It’s a tune about human compatibility and the trials that come with the quest of finding the right partner.

Find “I Like U But…” HERE.

You can catch Taylor Tote in action this Thursday at Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck in support of  Brianna Musco.  Tickets are available at

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The video for “I Like U But…” was shot on location in NYC and local music venue/brewery Red Tank Brewing in Red Bank.  It was directed and edited by Kris Khunachak and Taylor Tote.  Check it out!