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(WATCH) Jersey Rock Video of the Week: Swim The Current “So Low”

New Single Available Now! Swim The Current started out as a side project and evolved into something much more.  The group is made up of George Pond (bass), Greg Antine (guitar), Joe Gareri (guitar, keyboards),  Chris Moore (drums) and Marcos Leal (vocals). The Jersey Rock supergroup strives to blend a "cinematic writing style" with a high-octane sound No longer content to just release a song or two, they are currently working on their first full-length album.  Following the success of their debut single "We Are Not The Same," the band decided to try their hand at a cover.  They landed on something of a surprising choice.   Speaking of their decision to cover a Koe Wetzel tune, bass player George Pond said: “well, Marcos was a big country fan. He came to me with an idea of doing a country cover something. I’m not very familiar with but I became a big country fan for about a week and a half two weeks. He gave me a bunch of artists to listen to, and a bunch of songs he thought might fit the criteria to these artists entire catalog and try to get a feel for country being mostly a metal guy and a hard rock guy. I really wasn’t tuned into the country scene. I picked Koe Wetzels “So Low” his message seem to fit the time and point in some things that were gone personally for Marcos and I honestly didn’t think that the song was going to takeoff like it is nor did I know exactly how everybody else in the band was gonna take it whether they were going to be OK with doing this no absolutely not.  After its completion everybody was just so head over heels about the way it came out even people in Coast camp gave us the greenlight to do it. We decided to shoot with the famed Tom Flynn amazing video Director to complete the vision. “ Find Swim The Current’s latest singles HERE. Swim The Current plans to tour in the Fall!  Keep an eye on everything the band is doing by following them on facebook! [select-listicle listicle_id="996200" syndication_name="saturday-night-house-party-2024-birthday-blast" description="yes"]

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