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(WATCH) Jersey Rock Video of the Week: Cultt of She “Sum Of One”

New Single Available on All Streaming Platforms! Cultt of She continues to prove they are much more than than the sum of their parts.  The Hard Rock/Metal outfit's latest single "Sum Of One" is a message of unity amidst a storm of division.  The track rings true with the kind of musical precision we've come to expect from Cultt of She.  Speaking of the new single, drummer Joe Gregory said: "The song itself is a call to unify. We want people to know that there is great power within each of us. When we unite the power, that drive we can be an unstoppable force of change. Many voices of division are trying to tell us how different we are. These voices do this because they fear the power of unity. The reality is we are often more alike than we are different. When we come together, we can achieve anything." Find "Sum Of One" on all streaming platforms! Cultt of She is experimenting with ways to reach new audiences and will release two more singles in the near future.  Stay on top of everything the band is doing at! The video for "Sum Of One" is so tight it's symbolic.  It features the band performing close together, at times back to back, as if they are facing down the hordes of a yet to be revealed apocalypse. It's tightly shot, tightly edited, and triumphs in showcasing the power of teamwork.  Speaking of the video production, Joe Gregory said: "We teamed up once again with the team at 10PRL in Long Branch. April and Kira's production crew are so easy to work with and they always treat us so well. We actually asked them to take the reigns a little more this time to direct and conceptualize the video. We came up with a very simple yet visually captivating idea that utilizes, lights, shadows, and dynamic movement to accompany the track." "Sum Of One" is directed by April Centrone & Kira Sanchez.   Director of Photography is Kris Khunachak.  Learn more about the production team at! Check out the video for "Sum Of One"! [select-listicle listicle_id="946789" syndication_name="my-top-7-quotes-from-the-sopranos" description="yes"]

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