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(WATCH) Jersey Rock Video of the Week: The New Bardots “Johnnie Get Your Drum”

New Single Available Now on Bongo Boy Records! Wayne Olivieri recently sent us the latest video from his group The New Bardots. He told us that "Johnnie Get Your Drum is: "...My life story in 3 minutes and 9!" And it's a great life story that is perfect for summer! It's a fun, party song that somewhat steps out of the comfort zone for The New Bardots by venturing into the world of Reggae. Olivieri said: "We were just jamming as we usually do at rehearsal…..Gar started this reggae thing then Dan started a bass run to match then JR started a drum beat…..we jammed for a while then went on to work on some other songs. The next week JR brought a special edition Pearl Snare/Timbale combo drum to rehearsal…. he said it was for the “Reggae song”..….he put it in our equipment room at our rehearsal space. After we played for about an hour Gar started the reggae cords and Dan started playing his bass line …then Im not sure who said it but someone said “Johnnie get your drum”… …so every time the next few rehearsals we stared the song we all would say “Johnnie get your drum”…. and so the title came to be ….or so the legend goes…I wrote the lyrics which are basically my life story in under 3:15. He continued: "It shows the Bands versatility and ability to shine in a outside genre…Mon!" "Johnnie Get Your Drum" is available now on Bongo Boy Records. The song was recorded At SkyLab Studios Roosevelt N.J. It was recorded, engineered and mixed by Dan Skye and produced by Dan Skye, Gar Francis and Wayne Olivieri. The video is directed by Wayne Olivieri/ Nick Koontz JR. Check it out below! Stay on top of everything The New Bardots are doing at!

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