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(WATCH) Jersey Rock Video of the Week: Soraia “Black Magic Woman”

Rocking the Ocean Of Love Billboard Radiothon Jersey Rock Kick-Off Show on 9/18! Rocking Milk Boy in Philly on 11/3 & Berlin Under A in NYC on 11/4! Soraia just released a killer cover of Santana's "Black Magic Woman."  The band turned in a stirring rendition of the track, making it their own in poignant fashion.  Find it now on all streaming platforms! Speaking of the new single, lead singer ZouZou Mansour said: “It came to us from our drummer Brianna Sig…it has really haunting background vocals.  Her version really spoke to me and I built on that.  I’m really proud of it.” Accompanying the haunting cover is an equally haunting music video. It was directed by Tom Quigly and features camera work from Quigley, Joe Merrill, Nicholas Grieves, and Mike Bufalo .  The video was edited by Tom Quigley.  Check it out below! The new single is a pre-cursor to even more new material coming from Soraia in the near future.  The band traditionally uses the winter for writing purposes.  With the colder months coming, they will no doubt be hard at work on new tunes. Before Soraia gets into writing mode they will tour Sweden and rock a number of US dates.  Catch them at Milk Boy in Philadelphia on 11/3 and Berlin Under A in New York City on 11/4.  Check out all of Soraia's tour dates HERE. If you don't want to wait until November to see Soraia and you happen to be reading this on Monday 9/18 before 7pm, you can catch them at The Ocean Of Love Billboard Radiothon Jersey Rock Kick-Off Show at 1331 Hooper Avenue in Toms River! They will join Indigo Sky and Intruder 424 under a four-story billboard that Gotts will call home for four days! The event has become a traditional part of RAT Radio’s annual endeavor to raise over $109,000.00 for Ocean Of Love, which provides financial and emotional support to Ocean County families with children battling cancer. Speaking of their Ocean Of Love performance Lead singer ZouZou Mansour said: “ I’m really happy that we are able to do this for such a good cause!’ Soraia’s latest album “Bloom” is available now.  Released last fall, it has produced a number of high-octane singles and achieved national radio airplay.  Find it along with all of Soraia’s music HERE. Stay on top of everything Soraia is doing at Check out the video for "Black Magic Woman"! [select-gallery gallery_id="924254" syndication_name="gallery-pier-pins-grand-opening-with-wrat" description="yes"]    

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