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New Self-Titled EP Coming on 6/25!

Incognito Theory is currently working on a brand new original EP.  Danzig drummer Steve Zing is producing the effort, which promises to be the bands most sophisticated release to date.  The latest single “This Rebel Soul Lives On” represents a serious sonic step up.

The new tune is based on a real-life loss of a loved one.  It is a powerful song with a heavy message. It deals with the theme of addiction and moving forward despite being faced with tragedy.  Dave Incognito called in to this week’s Jersey Rock Podcast to talk about the inspiration for the song.  Listen to the full interview HERE.

“This Rebel Soul Lives On” is available now via Ragebreed Records. The eponymous EP is coming to all streaming platforms on 6/25 with a physical release later this year.  Learn more at

The video for the new single was directed, filmed, and edited by Marc Petrick.  Check it out!