Great Pizza and Wings Can Be Found At This Brand New Place In Toms River

I had a lot going on before the Memorial Day weekend, so I decided to grab some take out. I hate not having time to cook in the middle of the week. It gave me a chance to try a new place in town called Slice House at 177 Route 37 in Toms River. It’s in the same strip mall as Trinity Rehab and All Star Bagel. Lately, I've noticed a few of my friends from the food pages I frequent, post about Slice House. My friend Jimmy R. went on May 17th, the day they opened and posted: “Toms River has needed a new pizza joint for a while. Well, I think we may finally have something here Slice House opened today and the pizza is killer!!! A large selection, great crust, and no flop. He loved it so much, he went back a few days later and posted: “Back at the new place Slice House, Sausage and Broccoli Rabe slice with ricotta and fresh garlic, and a vodka sauce Sicilian. Both were killer but the Sausage and Broccoli rabe slice was incredible best I've had.” His posts had my mouth watering, so I had to give our new hometown pizza place a shot. I walked in and was met by a very nice guy at the counter and ordered a slice of Broccoli Rabe and Sausage, and an order of Garlic Parmesan Wings. For Bruce, I ordered an Eggplant Parm dinner with a side of penne. I couldn't wait to get home and sink my teeth into my meal. By the way, the Garlic Parm wing sauce is made in house. Holy S**T!! The wings were nice and meaty, and slathered with creamy garlic parm sauce. I am a huge fan of garlic, so next time I'm going to ask for extra garlic. No vampire would come within a 100 yards of me, EVER! The slice was so enjoyable, it had the perfect amount of garlic, ricotta, mozzarella, broccoli rabe, and sausage. Bruce usually gets his eggplant parm from a local competitor that he really likes, so this was going to be a real test. He liked his eggplant parm and said it was as good as his favorite place. He went back the next day to get a Grandma slice and a soda. He was sold. We will be back for sure. Welcome to the neighborhood "Slice House."

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