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New Single Available Now!

Spider Rockets just dropped a killer new single!  “Casual Violence” is the first of a steady stream of new tracks leading up to an album release in 2023!

After a four-year hiatus, Spider Rockets made their return to Jersey Rock on last week’s podcast.  Speaking on this week’s show, lead singer Helena said that their single “Casual Violence” is about “what people do when no one’s looking.” The track explores the boundaries of good, evil and the grey area in between.  It ultimately concludes that most people are somewhere in the middle and on any day a good person can do something bad and a bad person can do something good.  Beyond its study of the human condition, the track totally rocks!

Find “Casual Violence” and the rest of the band’s music at!

The video for “Casual Violence” was fittingly released right before Halloween.  It bears an energetic, spooky vibe that is perfect for Fall. The video was filmed and edited by Jason Nappi.  Check it out!