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Anthony Krizan’s latest single “Strawberry Wine” is available now.  It’s a laid back, upbeat party song that is perfect for a local Summer soiree or early Fall festivities.  It’s an old-school groove, crafted to cut through negativity with positive vibes.  Speaking on the Jersey Rock Weekly Podcast Krizan said”

“The song kinda came together within a few hours… I just wanted to put something out that makes you feel good; that’s light-hearted.”

You can find “Strawberry Wine” and the rest of Anthony Krizan’s catalog at

In addition to making his own music, Anthony Krizan is helping to foster artists of all ages and skill levels with his Sonic Boom Recording Studio.  Located in Raritan, Sonic Boom provides a number of services including audio recording, mixing, and mastering as well as song writing, video production and artist development.  Learn more about Anthony Krizan’s Sonic Boom Recording Studio at

Don’t miss the Anthony Krizan Band at the Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall in Atlantic City on Saturday October 8 for Perfect Tenn Fest!  Learn more HERE.

Check out the video for “Strawberry Wine”!