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Album Release Show in Atlantic City on Thursday August 11!!!

The self-titled debut album from The Hungry & Dangerous is out now!  A killer collection of tunes that spans the spectrum from dark to light, the eponymous release showcases the band’s growth from their retro roots.  “The Hungry & Dangerous” thoroughly rocks!  It is available now on CD and all streaming platforms.  Check out all of your options HERE.

The band is in the midst of a summer road trip that will take them across the region.  It includes stops in Philadelphia on August 10 and New York City on August 12.  In between, the Hungry & Dangerous will celebrate the release of their debut album on their home turf with an epic show in Atlantic City.  Don’t miss The Hungry & Dangerous at The Anchor Rock Club on Thursday August 11.  Not just an album release show, this event promises to be a straight up party!  Tickets are just $8.88 and are available HERE.

The band recently released a video for their latest single “Ghost Dance.”  Directed by Chaz Mazzota, it features Jordan Taylor Moed performing the track with just a mic and an acoustic guitar.  The unplugged session feels intimate and looks awesome.

Speaking on the Jersey Rock on-air program Jordan Taylor Moed said ” ‘Ghost Dance’ is a really fun track. I was actually writing it when I was moving to Nashville for the first time….I kinda had this urgency in my life feeling like if you’re gonna go for your dream, you can’t just have one foot in, one foot out…”  Matt Lewis added, “The first time I heard it…I’m like this one stands out…I don’t care what the rest of the CD…what’s on it this song’s gotta be on it somewhere and I’m glad we put it on there.”

Learn more about The Hungry & Dangerous via their Linktree Page!

Check out the video for “Ghost Dance”!