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My family got me Yankee tickets for my birthday back in May and Sunday was our game, and what a game it was! On a beautiful day that was supposed to be hot and steamy, but turned out to be just warm and breezy, we ventured from the Jersey Shore in the family truckster, up the Parkway, to the Turnpike, over the George Washington Bridge, and before you knew it we were over the Macombs Dam Bridge and paying 45 dollars to park.

Even though we got there early and had plenty of time to chill pre-game, by the time it was about the 3rd inning the place was jam-packed and rocking! After being no-hit the day before, the Yankees, well, they got no-hit again!

For at least half the game, but in the end, they tied it up in the 8th, and then in the 9th, everybody’s hero, number 99, Aaron Judge came to the plate with the game tied and runners on. The 6-foot 7-inch giant once again didn’t disappoint, as he launched a home run just over the fence. The place went bonkers as Judge rounded the bases and was showered by his teammate’s water bottles. We were so pumped even the 2-hour ride home seemed to take no time at all!

The Yankees are in first place in the American League’s Eastern Division buy a whopping 11 games and Sunday’s victory was their 53rd of the year, against just 20 losses, that is an amazing 33 games over 500.

Aaron Judge leads all of Major League Baseball with 28 Home Runs and is currently the leading vote-getter in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game balloting. I’ve included just a few photos from yesterday’s fun.

You can grab your own tickets to check out the Bronx Bombers by visiting their website at Yankees.com. For Yankee fans like me, it’s gonna be an exciting Summer, and hopefully a magical October!