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Jocks with Crocks: Davey Mac and the Super Bowl Ribs

Good morning, Rat Rock Nation!  Davey Mac here on Jimmy's Jocks with Crocks and...it's Super Bowl Weekend, dogsie!  So I got one question for ya: are you ready for some football...AND FOOD?!  Come on, man...we all know that the Big Game is about those two things.  And let's be honest, 99% of the time, our team isn't even in the matchup...so it really is all about the food! Whether you're into pizza, subs, burgers, etc....it's eatin' time!  And while I enjoy consuming everything...I must admit...I am not much of a cook.  The best thing that I make, for instance, is a microwavable meal called Doritos & Cheese.  I'll explain the ingredients below in the video...but needless to say...a Gordon Ramsay Michelin Star dish it is not.  Maybe that's because I usually make it when I'm three sheets to the wind. Jocks with Crocks: Crockpot BBQ Chicken with Rockyn Robyn Regardless, I am determined to learn how to make at least ONE really tasty meal.  And because this year's Super Bowl is between the San Francisco 49'ers and Kansas City Chiefs, we've decided to go with a football & food theme.  Now, when it comes to San Fran, I believe they're famous for rice.  No good for the Dave Man...when I was eight I tried making rice and noodles for my mom on Mother's Day and nearly set off a five-alarm fire...sparking an infamous family controversy that haunts Davey Mac to this very day. So, we gotta look at Kansas City.  And what do we know about K.C.?  They're well-known for having excellent barbecue.  Perfect!  I love me some barbecue the way a penguin loves the snow or the way a polar bear loves eating penguins.  Either or...I love BBQ.  So we thought we'd make some ribs, baby!  Now we're talking football food!  No utensils needed...just grab 'em with your hands and dig in while watching pigskin! Alas...Jimmy Steal and his famous Crock Pot will instruct me on how to be the greatest chef in all the land!  On Super Bowl Sunday, people will all be chanting: Dave Mac Ribs!  Davey Mac Ribs!  And this will be a great honor...unless those people are cannibals...in that case, I should run.  So check out the video below and enjoy the game! - Davey Mac [video width="544" height="960" mp4="https://wrat.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2024/02/10000000_6517472925021606_7466754427372104303_n.mp4"][/video]  

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