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Join Jimmy Weekdays 3 -7pm, and rock your ass off on the ride home! Laughs, fun, free sh*t, your phone calls and of course awesome RAT rock!

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Hatched: May 11th, 19??...somewhere in the swamps of Jersey.

Years In The Biz: 22

Years In Therapy: 22

First Radio Job: No freakin joke...overnights at a Christian radio station! (there were just a couple of hours of actual music, then the rest was ALL religious programming. You know, like screaming black preachers & shit like that!) I'm a God-fearin man, but that job was a mess! I did learn one thing though...masturbation is only a sin if you get caught...so WATCH IT!!!

Favorite Pastime (other than masturbation, of course): Cheering for the Yankees, and crying for the J-E-T-S!!!

Favorite Food: Hot Sauce...I collect 'em!

Favorite Drink: PRUNO...look it up, if you dare!

Favorite Movies: The Exorcist, Planet of The Apes (the original), To Kill a Mockingbird, Annie Hall, and of course GF 1 & GF 2...I heard that's how the real fans refer to them.

Favorite Movie Line: easy...Murry-Caddyshack-"big hitter, the Lama"...f#$*in' riot!


Favorite New Band: Wolfmother

Most Embarrassing Moment: the moment my mother reads this shit!

Best Day: I know alot of folks say this, but it's true: the day my little girl Jynell was born! Next to that, it would have to be the day i was baked on earth day in Central Park and met Keefer Sutherland...baked too, I believe.

Why Radio?: I quote Rocky Balboa..." 'Cause I can't sing or dance"

Got an idea for the show? Well, email it to me dude!  I need all the f*&(%in' help I can get!!

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