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Dive Into These Fish Frys Happening In Ocean County!

With the Lenten Season upon us, many Catholics don't eat "Meat" on Fridays through Easter Weekend. Hence a bevy of Fish Fry events are popping up all over Ocean County! First, Why Do People Eat Fish On Fridays During Lent? According to TheBetterFish.Com, it's a self-sacrifice to not eat meat on Fridays, honoring Christ dying on the Cross on a Friday. However, this type of fasting didn’t mean not eating anything (unlike trendy modern-day fasts). It simply meant abstaining from eating the flesh of warm-blooded animals—since the thinking goes, Jesus was a warm-blooded animal. Fish, though, which are cold-blooded were considered okay to eat on fasting days. Hence, Fish on Fridays and “Fish Friday”  was born. Furthermore, perhaps the most interesting part of the story behind why so many eat fish on Fridays is that it was one of the most significant drivers of the growth of the global fishing industry. Throughout history, fish has been abundant, relatively easy to catch, and inexpensive. So it was a staple of the peasant diet even before Christ's time. When it comes to the practice of eating fish during Lent, there is an additional component. The Lenten diet consists of primarily fish and vegetables—the food an average/poor person could reasonably acquire during the Roman period. Meat was considered an upper-class luxury. In modern times, eating fish during Lent has even been exploited by large corporations to sell more of their products. From MacDonald's sale on Fillet O' Fish Sandwiches to Red Lobster holding their Lobster Fest promotion during Lent, Big Fish has had a hand in selling fish to the public during Lent for generations. The First Fish Fry Is Today in Toms River! Once again this year, the Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, at 2200 Church Road in Toms River will be holding multiple Fish Fridays through the end of March. Meanwhile, the first one is actually today, February 16th, from 5 pm until 7pm, and is open to all. Cash and Credit are accepted. The delicious menu is listed below. More info is here.   Also Today, You Can "Catch" The Fish Fry At The Barnegat Fire Company. The Ladies Auxiliary holds their annual Fish Fry from 4 til 7pm at the Fire House located 11 Birdsall Street in Barnegat. The menu includes beer battered cod, and delicious sides. More info below.   Finally, Next Friday You Can Dig In To Yet Another Fryday Of Delish Fish Fun Long Beach Township! The St Francis of Assisi Parish and Center 4700 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach Township, on LBI.   https://www.instagram.com/p/C2zJbYqheWH/

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