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 “Already Been Chewed” Covers EP Available Now!

Lead by Wayne Olivieri, The New Bardots are a mysterious musical force with a powerful retro vibe.

Over the summer the band released a Bubblegum Pop Cover EP titled  “Already Been Chewed (A Return To Bubblegum)”.  The EP was recorded at Skylab Studios in Roosevelt, NJ.  You can score a copy now at  It is highly recommended that you score it on vinyl!

In late October the band unveiled a video for their cover of Crazy Elephant’s “Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’.” The video fittingly channels the energy of the 1960’s complete with go-go dancers.  Check it out below!

Learn more at!


Gimme Gimme Good Lovin/ The NEW Bardots

Gimme Gimme Good LovinOff The "Already Been Chewed" (Return To Bubble gum) EP on Bongo Boy Records.Song Written By Joey Levine, Rich CordellPerformed by The ...