Jersey Rock

Hosted by Tom Hanley Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30 pm

What does a concert photographer do when there are no concerts?  The answer is an ambitious, beautiful, introspective project that allows a scene to come together, while social distancing.  That is what “Covid-19 State Of Mind” is about.  As the music venues across the Jersey Rock scene were shuttered, Jeff Crespi reached out to the many people who make NJ rock.  His goal was to take a photo of them in front of their homes and get their thoughts.    Jeff traveled to the homes of over 60 members of the music scene and periodically posted the photos he took.  It was a carthartic experience not only for the well known photographer, but also the entire NJ music scene.  The result was a steady stream of images, with thoughtful phrases, appearing across the facebook news feed.  Though separated by distance and disease prevention precautions, it brought everyone closer.

In June Jeff Crespi took things one step further by producing a documentary on his project.  In it, Jeff explains his motivation and displays the fruits of his labor.  It is quite literally a snapshot in time of an era that will likely be remembered for years to come.   According to Jeff Crespi “It’s about musicians, artists and families state of mind during this Covid-19 crisis.”  It is one of the best things Jeff Crespi has produced; something that is truly greater than the sum of its many beautiful parts.

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