Jersey Rock

Hosted By Tom Hanley Tue., Wed. & Thur. 11:30pm

2019 Tour EP Available Now!

Weapons Of Anew made a serious breakthrough in 2020.  Their cover of “Sick Boy” has brought them acclaim and attention on the airwaves. Weapons Of Anew already had a solid nationwide following, which they cultivated through years of touring and audience outreach.  Now it looks like they will take things to the next level.  Weapons Of Anew is razor-sharp, locked and loaded, and ready to explode.

Check out Weapons Of Anew’s 2019 Tour EP and their cover of “Sick Boy” at!

The Jersey Rock Home Showcase rocks every Thursday at 9:00 pm with a home performance from a different NJ act!  We’re always adding new bands to the schedule.  Stay on top of who is playing HERE

Check out Weapons Of Anew performing on the Jersey Rock Home Showcase on the Rat’s Facebook Fan Page!