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“Sticker Famous” Album Out Now!

If you’re looking for a loud, driving, energetic Rock show, than you need to see Dinosaur Eyelids.  Like the mighty thunder lizards that once roamed the earth, Dinosaur Eyelids dominates the stage with their powerful brand of Rock and explosive performance style.  Of course In a time where live shows are not permitted, those statements may seem like a cruel joke.  How can anyone, in this moment, possibly experience a proper Dinosaur Eyelids performance?

Enter the band’s new album.

“Sticker Famous” was recorded and mixed in just 4 days.  The goal was to make a studio album that was as close to a live performance as possible.  We’re happy to report that goal was reached.  “Sticker Famous” takes it to the audience with 11 high octane tracks that will make the listener feel as though he or she is in the middle of a crowd somewhere on the New Brunswick music scene.  If you miss the live, local concert experience this is the album crank. The band gets bonus points for the clever title.  Dinosaur Eyelids is literally “Sticker Famous.” Just look around the Jersey Rock scene and you will no doubt see many of their rectangular stickers, many of which read “We May Never Be Rich But We Will Always Be Loud.”  The new album is rich in loudness.  Check it out now at!

Tune to Jersey Rock on 95.9 The Rat Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11:30 pm to hear cuts from “Sticker Famous.” Evan will call in to the show each night to represent the band!

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