A Brand New STAR WARS Trilogy With Brand New Characters?! YES!

Star Wars fans, some simply AMAZING news has dropped...and we have the info for you right here! 

Apparently, Disney and Lucasfilm are so thrilled with writer/director Rian Johnson, the film-maker behind the upcoming Star Wars film The Last Jedi, that they are asking him to put out an entirely new trilogy in the 2020's.

What does "new" mean in this case?  Well, they are saying that this trilogy would be located in an entirely different corner of the Galaxy, with entirely new characters (in other words...no Skywalkers).

As a Star Wars fan, I am seriously freaking out (in a good way).  This opens up the Galaxy even more, and offers endless possibilities for new storylines, bizarre aliens, fantastical planets, etc.

Awesome news!  Check out the video below for more details!  And may the RAT be with you!

- East Side Dave

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Rian Johnson, Director Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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