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Local Bartender Loses Everything In Lake Como Fire

Rat Rock Nation, Gotts here with some sad news to report about a local bartender. Her name is Tracy Ulias from Lake Como NJ. Early January 15th Tracy was at work. Her daughter and granddaughter were sleeping when the smoke detectors went off in the house. The house had caught fire just after 6:00 Am. Her daughter tried to put the fire out with no luck. The neighbors behind Joe's Surf Shack, on the 400 block of Wildwood Place off 18th Ave did notice the fire and called 911. Thankfully both girls were able to escape the fire. They were both treated at the local hospital. Sadly, the family dog did not make it out on time. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1556"] Belmar Hook & Ladder Fire Company[/caption] Community Coming Together. Members of the Belmar Community are coming together to assist the family with their recovery. A GoFundMe was created on the family's behalf, and as of last check, it reached $25,560 of it's $35,000 goal. Many Thanks To All The First Responders. THANK YOU to The Belmar Volunteer Hook & Ladder, First Aid, and Police Department for responding as fast as they did. Even joining towns and their first responders were giving a helping hand to keep the fire under control. Unfortunately, Tracy did lose her house but they did a phenomenal job not to get the fire near her neighbor's house and spread out of control. The start of the fire is still under investigation by The Belmar Fire Bureau And Monmouth County Fire Marshal's Office and no word on how it started. [caption id="attachment_963335" align="alignnone" width="1556"] Belmar Hook & Ladder[/caption]   Here at The Rat, we are always here to do our part to help out when our community needs help. We are wishing the best of luck to Tracy and her family. Much Love Tracy and Rat Rockers - Gotts