Rat Rockers, what’s up? It’s that time of year when we get into the holiday spirit with some great movies. One of which I get a huge laugh from and brings a great message on how happy we should be to one another.

Buddy aka “Will Ferrell ” The Elf does it in the great flick.  He has a bunch of great lines in the movie and does a lot of funny things and one of them being when he meets his real father and family and gets to go home and have a nice sit-down dinner with a big bowl of spaghetti.

If you recall he asks for syrup at the table to cover up his dinner and then his stepmom does not have it on the table, then decides to pull it out of his sleeve. Even chugs a bottle of 2-liter soda and lets out a huge burp. It’s very funny and this year you can get your very own ” Buddy The Elf Spaghetti Meal Kit” yes you are reading this correct?

These meal kits do include your spaghetti, candy, marshmallows, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, chocolate cereal, and chocolate-frosted Pop-Tarts! Sounds more like a kid’s meal than anything and no wonder why Buddy only gets about 30 minutes of sleep during the movie.

I’m sure they will sell out very fast so if you’re a fan of the movie Buddy The Elf make sure you get your Elf hands down and take a break from making the toys for the kids this year and get yours at HelloFreshElfSpaghetti.com.

Sounds like a great Christmas gift or you can just dress up as Buddy and get over to the family party, or friend’s party and I’m sure you will be the star of that dinner. Don’t forget the soda and try to get that burp out !! DID YOU HEAR THAT !!

As always Rat Rockers thank you for being part of the Rat Family and let’s have some fun this holiday season. Your boy Gotts.


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