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It’s been five years since Nickelback released new original music. 2017’s “Feed The Machine” was the last time we heard from these boys from the country who invented hockey with the exception of their  2020 cover of the Charlie Daniels classic, “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.”

It’s time to get ready for a hard-driving banger called, “San Quentin.”

I received the new single a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been crankin’ it in my office and in the studio every day since I received the audio link.

We have these big speakers in the air studio and one day when I was blasting “San Quentin” in the studio before I went on the air, Jackie, our Promo Director walked in and said, “Holy Shit, what is this?” I said, “Darling, this is the new Nickelback song.” She said, “Get the F**k out of here!”

Trust me, that will be the reaction I suspect most everyone, even the haters will have after they hear this sonic tsunami of a tune.

I did my very first Zoom interview last week with lead singer Chad Kroeger and guitarist Ryan Peak.  I’ve been in dozens of Zoom meetings but I’ve never hosted an interview over Zoom.  It was a learning experience especially when it came to figuring out how close to sit to the laptop camera.  It looks like I sat way too close because all you see is my big face. Chad and Ryan were seated quite a distance from whatever computer device they were using on their end. They were in a recording studio looking very relaxed and ready to answer questions.

The new album is called, “Get Rollin’” and it hits the streets on CD and in digital form on November 18, 2023, with a vinyl release slated for the early part of 2023.

They’re planning a North American tour in the Summer of 2023 and we are psyched to have them here on the Jersey Shore.

I’ve seen Nickelback at least half a dozen times since the late 90s and they put on a great show. I think the last time I saw Nickelback was 10 years ago in 2012 at Madison Square Garden with Bush and Seether.

I still don’t understand the intense hate some people have for Nickelback. There are bands I’m not fond of, but I really can’t say that I hate any artist or band. If I don’t like an artist, I don’t listen to their music or go online to rag on them. I just keep it movin’.

To watch the interview with Chad and Ryan just click below. Enjoy!


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