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PALATINE, IL - MAY 18: A van drives through the parking lot of a shopping strip mall May 18, 2005 in Palatine, Illinois. Strip malls have become a prominent suburban feature nationwide. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Should there be a set of unwritten rules when it comes to parking lots? You know, parking lot etiquette.

I’ve driven into too many parking lots where there’s at least one entitled rebellious jerk who thinks they own the place. How many times have you turned into Mr. Hyde when some putz tries to race you to an open space? I try to refrain from becoming angry when I come across someone who wears the crown of entitlement.

I was reading a story earlier today from our show prep site, Wise Brother, about 10 unbreakable rules that should be adhered to when entering a parking lot. I’m not going to list the 10 rules from the the article, I’m just going to list stuff off the top of my head. When I share the link on our Facebook page, feel free to add to the list in the comments section. Here goes:

  • Don’t steal a space from someone who’s been waiting for another car to leave, that’s just evil.
  • Put the damn shopping cart back in the corral
  • Don’t park your big ass vehicle crosswise so you’re taking up 4 spots. One parking space is sufficient for even the biggest of vehicles.
  • Don’t follow people coming out of the store to where their car is parked, that’s creepy and annoying.
  • Stop circling the parking lot waiting for a closer space. If you’re able bodied, park further away, the walking will do you some good.
  • When you get to the end of a parking row, use your turn signals. I am not a mindreader!
  • Don’t park so close to my car that I can’t open door. Most parking lots these days have a sufficient amount of room.
  • Don’t drive like a maniac to get to an open space close to the store. You can injure or even kill someone. It’s not worth getting a prime space.

Just be a respectful human and not an entitled jerk..

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