Robyn Lane

Hidden Gems Across The State Of New Jersey As Suggested By The People Who Live Here

When I solicited a bunch of social media pages to find out where their favorite hidden gem restaurants in New Jersey were, I was half expecting people not to share their favorite food spots. I have a few favorite hidden gems that I haven't shared with anyone because I was being selfish. I didn't want anyone to know about "MY place." I then realized that if I don't share my findings with others, these businesses might not survive. I'm no longer keeping these places to myself. I want these local business owners to thrive and I want to let others know where they can get some great grub. Hidden gems aren't always tucked away on some obscure dirt road in the middle of nowhere. There could be a hidden gem in plain sight, a place that flies under the radar until enough of us get the word out. Let's see where the people will lead us by sharing their favorite hidden gem restaurants in New Jersey.

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