Robyn Lane

Listen To This Woman Sing Dio!

Check out this band of family members called, "Liliac", from Downey California.  More importantly, check out the pipes on 15 year old Melody Cristea, the lead singer belting out Dio's "Rainbow In The Dark"  

Sammy Still Can't Drive 55.

Fontana, Calif.- Fontana native Sammy Hagar may have been running from the law in his 1984 music video, "I Can't Drive 55," but when the Fontana Police Department reached out, the Red Rocker himself agreed to work alongside the law for the most epic lip sync challenge.  Check out this video of the Fontana Police…

Cuteness Overload!

I am a big sappy mush when it comes to animals. This week Scotty B came for a visit with his brand new Bassett Hound puppy, Luna. I practically cried on the air because I want one. Today, I am absolutely gaga over this video of a baby Alpaca named Cody.  Of course I want…