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The iconic Sopranos celebrated it 25th anniversary this week. Now here at the Rat, we hold this show in higher esteem than pretty much any other television series ever. Perhaps it’s the Jersey thing, or maybe it’s because the show had it’s run in our first decade of our existence, so we kind of grew with it. However I think it may be because the vernacular and cadence of what the characters said during the show, mirrors the way we, both here at work, and in our personal lives speak to each other. Truth be told, with the exception of maybe Seinfeld, I have never quoted a show more in day to day life than the Sopranos. I know. I’m a weirdo, but I’m not alone!

The Sopranos TV Still

(Photo by HBO)

The Sopranos Thesaurus.

Both inside and outside of my career, my friends and coworkers are living out of the Sopranos thesaurus. Not a week goes by when someone, including myself jumps into a conversation with an OHHHHHHH! Or a MADONE! For a while back in 2011 I think I actually greeted everyone with “Whaddya know, whaddya say? “. It’s a sick disease, without a cure. But who wants one? Furthermore, I think trading great Sopranos lines is healthy, and liberating. It bonds you to your friends. Like it’s “This thing of ours”, so to speak. I don’t even mind when I rip a Paulie Walnuts line on a civilian, and they don’t even know what the F*ck I’m talkin’ about. First off, their reaction is priceless, and second it gives me the opportunity to proselytize to them about the religion of the Gabbagoul.

The Sopranos

Hall Of Fame Lines.

Meanwhile, there are some Sopranos lines that are more iconic than others. those are the ones that, while maybe not used everyday, or even once a year, do lend themselves to be said from time to time. These are Hall Of Fame Soprano lines. The best under the radar quotes, that if you hit your buddy with, he’s gonna love you. However, more importantly, he’s gonna respect you!

sopranos eating

So here are my 25th anniversary Top 5 Sopranos quotes me and my friends say. Not your friends, my friends…Capiche?

  • "There's No Scraps In My Scrapbook" - Phil Leotardo

    Phil was fed up with the Sopranos crew. He decided it was time to put a clean end to a messy situation. By extreme measures. A great line, with a fantastic leadup, and one I find saying to people who stand in awe at my because they have never seen the episode or just forgot a bout this killer line. Literally.

  • "They're All Meat Eaters" - Paulie Gaultieri

    Ahhh Mr. Walnuts. We could easily make a list a shhhcarole long with just his quotes in the one of a kind series. This one is a fav here around the office. MEETEORRRR MEEETEORRR…

    And of course the obligatory, “Take it easy..”


  • "The Importance Of Fresh Produce" - Tony Soprano

    Chris is on drugs. Adrianna wants to get engaged. Carmella wants to help plan a wedding. Tony just wants to eat.

    T tries to talk some sense into the boy, but even fresh produce is no match for the ‘smack.

  • " I Stick Provolone In My Socks At Night......" - Silvio Dante'

    Silvio’s charm was his even keel personality. Tony’s trusted friend and Consiglieri was usually the one keeping things calm with the crew, when not banging strippers at the Bing. However, it was the poker table that was Sil’s Achilles Heel. As witnessed when Tony prompts the feeble minded Matt “Drinkwater” Bevalacua to sweep up the cheese under his feet. Personally, these are obviously lines that are said amongst close friends, usually after midnight and some whiskey.

  • "So What. No F*ckin' Ziti Now?" - AJ Soprano

    Ahhh youth. It’s wasted on the fat and spoiled. This line is spoken to me or by me at least once a month. I mean, I don’t even eat ziti. However it is without question one of the earliest examples of viral Sopranoisms. Extra points for saying it in front of the priest.



  • "...Never Had The Makings Of A Varsity Athlete."

    Uncle Joon for the win! He was jealous, cantankerous, and liked to get in to the muff…oh I mean rough. Yet Junior Soprano had the one line in the whole series that was

    his little nephew Tony’s Kryptonite. Small hands, all the girl cousins new it.

  • "It's the Jaaaackettttt" - Richie Aprile

    Richie may have been one of the most despised characters ever during his short time on the show in season two, however his tale of triumph one night in North Jersey was the stuff of legend. He took a leather jacket off of local tough guy Rocco DeMeo. Tony? Not so impressed. “You look like Robert Evans ova here.”

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