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Texas video shows giant alligator swimming towards girls in a lake, Parents spring into action to save them from certain death.

Holy crap, look at the size of that alligator!  This crazy video shows a giant alligator swimming towards girls swimming in a Texas lake.  The video clearly shows this prehistoric animal making a bee line towards the children swimming in what looks like waist-deep water.  A few of the kids were out on the swimming platform when the ‘gator video starts up and they are totally freaking out!

Parents rush into the water to quickly and nervously aid in getting their girls out of the lake.  Towards the end of the video you can see one of the parents bravely head towards the alligator.  It looks like that parent is trying to distract the killer animal from chasing the children.

As The Pit video continues, you can see the gator turn direction and head briefly towards the adult.  Could this brave parent given the kids the precious extra seconds needed to escape?

From all the news reports we hear that the evacuation of the lake was successful.  Phew!

Alligators live in this part of Texas.  In fact, there are warning signs at the beach where the kids are.  So, as I watched this scary video I couldn’t help ask myself, “What on earth were the parents thinking allowing their kid to swim in alligator infested waters?”

And yet, the lake has a swimming platform.  So clearly swimming in a lake that has alligators living in it must be quite common in Texas, no?  Otherwise, why would the park have a swimming platform?  Planning for a day in the park in Texas be like, “Get your SPF on, kids!”  “Watch out for a giant alligator swimming towards girls, honey.”

Would you let your kids swim in a lake that had a sign warning of alligators?  I don’t think I would!!!!

Now that I think about it a little bit more, I guess the Jersey Shore equivalent is letting my kids swim in the ocean.  I have zero issues with my kids in the ocean, but I know that there’s sharks and other animals in that water that could cause them harm.  And yet, I feel like there’s something different about a lake and an alligator.


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