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Wow, what an incredible way to treat the people who work the hardest to bring your business success.

The people who are out there day in and day out put business goals first and foremost in their life.  And when the business changes, the people who change with those shifting business tides?  Those people are the lifeblood of your company and should be treated with the respect they deserve!

So, three cheers for the CEO of Ruppert Landscape who just handed out 28 million dollars to his staff as year-end bonuses!  Everyone on staff got a taste of the great year that the company had.  Ruppert Landscape is a national chain of landscape professionals who partnered with an investment company early in the year and did really well…

Everyone in the company got a check.  The amount of their check was based on how long they were with the company.  Checks ranged from $7000 to a whopping $200,000.  Can you imagine getting a TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND BONUS?!  That’s beyond life-changing.

What’s really neat is that the head honchos at the company kept the whole thing secret.  They called a staff meeting, which they NEVER do… and they recorded the whole thing.  Check out the video below!

Just when I thought that corporate America had forgotten about what is real, forget about their most important assets!  Just when I thought that our current “late stage capitalism” had driven the final wedge between the ultra-wealthy and the people who are wondering how on earth their kids are going to afford to live in the future.  This guy.


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