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Rat Rockers, it turns out there is a Santa shortage this Christmas year! That’s right there is a high demand for Santa Claus all around the country. It’s not like the elves went on strike or anything like that but all around it looks like parents are going to be waiting in long lines to get their child on Santa’s lap to ask him what they want for Christmas and get that photo. We can’t have a shortage of jolly St.Nick.

There is an actual company called HireSanta that works to get Santas at events and malls all around and CBS News is reporting that Santas are needed up to 30% from last year and a huge 120% from the Covid-19 pandemic.

We need to get Santa back on the sleigh with Rodolph The Red Nose Reindeer guiding him around to all the places where he can tell us if we have been good or bad this year of 2022. Every year I always take joy in seeing families getting their pics taken with Santa Claus. Now I have not heard anything about a shortage of Mrs. Claus or Rudolph pals that are always riding with him.

Santa Claus always played a big part in my childhood and never stopped believing in my man. Though there was one Christmas in my house when he left a bunch of presents with my brother’s name and didn’t leave me anything to open.

I always wondered what happen there or maybe Santa just had too much Eggnog from the night before when he came down my chimney. But that does not change the fact we are in demand for Santa !!  I would dress up but at that point, someone would say that’s the skinniest Santa I’ve ever seen.

Let’s get our Christmas spirit going! Grab a Santa suit and say Merry Christmas to all !!! – Gotts

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