Hey, Rat Rockers Gotts here, and pretty sure we all have wonderful stories on Thanksgiving, maybe sharing some great times with family, friends, and loved ones. Something we should all be thankful for. As far as my family I am the youngest of 5 male boys. ( That’s right no sisters ).

Well, I feel like I should share a story about one CRAZY Thanksgiving dinner between me and my family with you.  It was back oi 2010 and Thanksgiving Night and was not sure what the plans were as far as I was having dinner and what my family was doing.

Well, I get a phone call from Mom and she says that she is hosting and doing a turkey at her house please come up from the shore and visit, plus your brothers will be here too with their wives and kids too. I said got ya Mom just need to get out of the bar and get moving also going to need a ride. She was not happy and said, ” You better get your skinny butt here !”

You can’t let down Mom so I was thinking how was I getting to my parent’s house by the way who live in Monroe TWP.  You would not believe who walks into the bar but a girl who is a Porn Star !! I started chatting with her and told her my dilemma and her response was ” Don’t worry Gotts I have no plans for Thanksgiving too I’ll take you to your parent’s house” To my surprise, I jumped up and ran to her car and we got moving.

When we got to my parent’s house my brothers were there and their kids and wives, and of course Mom and Dad. Once they saw the beautiful Porn Star, they said WOW !! My brothers then brought me to the garage and when I told them who she was they had their phones out and started Googling her. Then decided to beat me up. After I got up from the ground, I got inside, cracked a beer, and sat down. Once Mom brought out Turkey and the spread and said grace. She decided to ask her ” So what do you do for a living? ” Everyone at the table dropped every fork and knife to hear what she was going to say and to our surprise, she replied ” I work in film ” then right after that at the other end of the table my dad say’s ” YOU KNOW YOU DO LOOK FAMILIAR.”

We all started laughing and then grabbed his phone and said Dad you better clean that browser history real quick. In my eyes, it’s stories like this that make family functions fun and brings us together as a family.

I would love to hear some of the great, funny, and crazy stories you have to share and post them right here. Thank you for the time to read this and HAPPY THANKSGIVING From my family to yours. And I’m so thankful for having you rocking out with me and 95.9 The Rat- Gotts

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