Hey, Rat Rock Nation come help me say Happy 50 Years Of Marriage! Gotts here and over the weekend I got to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary! You know in today’s day and age it’s really uncommon to see many people get this far with a wedding. But over these years they just did that and still find the time to love each other.

I do have to say growing up was not easy not cause of Mom and Dad Gotts but the other brothers that always had to teach me lessons that Mom and Dad couldn’t do. When I say growing up with older brothers I had 4 of them. Yes, I’m the youngest of 5 boys. Mom and Dad didn’t have any other girls, ( Even though the Rat makes me dress like one from time to time!) But that being said Mom and Dad did it right and did their best to raise all of us and even a couple of dogs in there as well.

During these 50 years of a beautiful marriage, Mom and Dad always made sure we had the best of times. From the family vacations to family functions, to even Mom and Dad breaking us up from wanting to beat each other up. Can you imagine growing up with 4 older brothers and being in a car for 16 hours going on a VK and you know that saying where your Dad goes ” Don’t make me come back there! ”

Well as we got older we even told him you know what come on back !! It’s what made our family vacations the best as a family and brought us all together.  The best thing I can say to make your marriage last as long for you new couples that just took your wedding vows is to be kind to each other and have the make the best of times with one another and that will take you for a nice, loving time. – Gotts

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