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His Insta is incredible!

Dateline Europe….

If you haven’t heard about this kid yet, he’s pretty amazing:  11-year-old Romeo Cox recently finished walking 1,700 miles just to visit his grandma.

He lives with his parents in Italy, but his grandmother is in England.  And he hadn’t seen her in over a year.

There weren’t any flights.  So he tried to convince his parents to let him walk there by HIMSELF, and wouldn’t shut up about it.  So his dad eventually agreed to go with him.

They left in June . . . spent 93 days hiking through Italy, Switzerland, and France . . . found a wild donkey along the way to carry their stuff . . . took a boat across the English Channel . . . and made it to her house near London late last month.

Here’s a few pics from his Instagram… but go ahead and click on the whole thing because it’s an internet rabbit-hole that’s well worth getting stuck in!



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