The Pit

Cuteness Overload!

I am a big sappy mush when it comes to animals. This week Scotty B came for a visit with his brand new Bassett Hound puppy, Luna. I practically cried on the air because I want one. Today, I am absolutely gaga over this video of a baby Alpaca named Cody.  Of course I want…

19 Year Old Gets Her Head Stuck In a Tailpipe

I'm normally sympathetic when I see someone in distress, NOT this time.  A 19 year old girl  name Kaitlyn Strom thought it would be a good idea to stick her head into the tailpipe of a truck at at a music festival in Minnesota. Why did she do this?  Was it a dare?   She was…

8 Year Old Girl Channels John Bonham!

Soma has been playing drums since the age of 2. At 4 years old, she started performing at concerts, and now she's been on over 100 stages.  Her favorite drummer is Led Zeppelin's John Bonham, so for her entry into the 2018 Hit Like A Girl drum contest, she covered Bonham's part on "Good Times Bad Times."