Rat Rockers !! What can I say but a huge thank you for coming out and rocking it SOOO loud and very proud for this year’s Rat Fest of 2022. Since we didn’t have a Rat Fest in 3 years you really came into PNC and rocked it out and what better way to do it than with an awesome band called SHINEDOWN. That was such a great turn out and the weather couldn’t be better. We even got to welcome a new rocker to the family who really got us going, and he went by the name Jelly Roll who was a lot of fun. I met so many new friends and walked around the parking lot to see you getting ready to have some fun. Shinedown is one of those bands that knows how to get the party going, plus Brent the lead singer of Shinedown has the voice of an Angel.

Brent and I got to chat backstage and really go over a bunch of things. He has been affected by the covid pandemic just as much as a lot of us, and that’s why he and the boys wanted to remind us we need to sit back and just count to ten and take a deep breath and not get overwhelmed. This Planet Zero album and tour really speaks volumes in my eyes and head and Brent really made me notice that cause of this chat we had with him.

He really loved my outfit as The Rat had me dress up as a butterfly with a crow on my shoulder, in reference to their hit song “The Crow & the Butterfly”.  One of the songs that got a lot of attention was a track called “Daylight” and after talking with Brent, I have a huge outlook on the words and the meaning of the song; it really gets you thinking about how life is treating you and others around you.

Here is the interview of Brent and I talking about Planet Zero and if you’re a fan of Shinedown like me give it a listen and make sure you share with your friends. Much love Rat Rockers. We couldn’t do it without you- Gotts