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Photo courtesy of Boston Trust Realty Group

For the past few years, there’s a growing home design trending called “open-concept bathrooms.”  That’s a bathroom WITHOUT a door and no option for privacy.

A house just hit the market in the Boston area with one of these open-concept bathrooms.  The bathroom kind of just flows into the home’s living space. It’s got the same flooring, no door, same décor.  The toilet just sits there next to the shower with zero privacy.

The real estate agent selling the house says when he first saw it, quote, “I was like, ‘Man, was this designed for an exhibitionist?’ . . . but you know what?  It could work if folks, you know, don’t mind having it open and just can live freely.”

After he showed the home to several prospects, he said the majority just felt like they were having a hard time really trying to visualize themselves living in that space.”   This is definitely not for me!!! My guess is, we are on the same page.  One would have to be open minded to want a home like this.

Photo courtesy of Boston Trust Realty Group